Music Was The Least I Was Interested In -Mr Eazi

Channels Television  
Updated December 12, 2016

mr-eaziPopular Nigerian-born star, Mr Eazi, says of all his talents, music was the least he initially had interest in.

As fate would have it, singing is the reason why Nigerians and Ghanaians lay claim to him today.

The Port-Harcourt born ‘skin-tight’ crooner, originally named Tosin Ajibade, said this while explaining his journey into the music industry.

He told Channels Television that while growing up, he traveled a lot within the country and this, as well as his large extended family, influenced his life a lot.

He moved to Ghana when he was 15 years old and although he had the dream of studying aeronautic engineering in a Canadian University, he found his way into music.

According to him, his family, advised him to study mechanical engineering in Ghana, instead of his initial choice.

Recounting the experience, he said: “I hated it for the first one week, but by week two, I didn’t want to come back to Nigeria anymore.

“Ghana is where everything started to happen – I started doing music based on the fact that I was doing shows, concerts from my second year.

“I would use my school fees to invest in parties, concerts and bring artists from Ghana and Nigeria to my school and at a point, that was all I was doing.”

He explained that music for him, was a “mix-match of influences” and being around artist, comedians and entertainers in general, brought about the Mr Eazi personality.

Furthermore, the artist stated that his music inspiration mostly comes from old school Ghanaian high life.

“A mix-match of influences is what basically formed this sound. I never tried to have a sound and to be honest, I have never really put so much thought into writing a song.

“I just go as my mind tells me, Mr Eazi stated.

Some of his hit tracks include, ‘Sample you’, ‘Hollup’ and his most recent ‘Ohema’, featuring Nigerian multiple award winning Dj, Dj Spinall.