Prandelli Slammed For Giving Up On Valencia

Channels Television  
Updated December 31, 2016

cesare-prandelliDeparting Valencia manager Cesare Prandelli has been sternly criticised for “giving up” on the Spanish giants.

The club believed that the 59-year-old was for looking for excuses to walk out on the team as they hover above the relegation zone.

Valencia’s Chief Executive Officer, Anil Murthy, in a news conference on Saturday, slammed the Italian for walking out on the club at a critical time.

Murthy said that Prandelli had no solutions to offer to their problems, stressing that he was looking for excuses to leave the club.

“He had no solutions to offer, he said this challenge was not for him (but) he has given up. In summary, he wanted to leave and was looking for excuses to leave. He earned six points in three months, there’s no excuses for that.

“Twenty-four hours ago I met with Prandelli to speak about transfers. So it was a big surprise to learn yesterday (Friday) that he had decided to abandon the ship just before the market opened,” he said.

Prandelli had announced his resignation from Valencia after 91 days in charge, as the six-time La Liga champions level on points with the relegation zone.

He was said to have lost faith with the club after he was told he would not be able to sign the five players he had been promised.