Scores Of Bodies Wash Ashore In Libya

Channels Television  
Updated February 21, 2017

bodiesAuthorities in Libya have counted at least 87 bodies washed ashore in the Libyan city of Zawiya.

It is believed that the bodies were part of a group trying to cross the Mediterranean, but had drowned at sea.

A torn rubber boat was found nearby, even as it is feared that more bodies may surface as such vessels usually carry about 120 people.

Spokesperson for the Libyan Red Crescent, Mohammed Al-Misrati, said the bodies would be taken to a cemetery for unidentified people in the capital, Tripoli.

The United Nations has warned of increased numbers of migrants trying to cross the sea.

The UN recalled that at least 5,000 people drowned in 2016 while trying to reach Europe, as they travelled through the Mediterranean Sea.