Report: Average 10 Attacks Daily On Germany Migrants

Channels Television  
Updated February 26, 2017

Report: Average 10 Attacks Daily On Germany MigrantsThe Interior Ministry in Germany says nearly 10 attacks were made on migrants in the country every day in 2016.

According to the figures released, a total of 560 people were injured in the violence, including 43 children.

The preliminary statistics were released on Sunday in response to a parliamentary question.

Three-quarters of the attacks targeted migrants outside of their homes, while about 1,000 attacks were carried out in their homes.

Sources said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open up Germany to people fleeing conflict and persecution has polarised the country and boosted hate crime.

Germany has been contending with a backlog of asylum applications amid fears about security, following a series of terrorist attacks across Europe.

The issue is expected to feature prominently in the September parliamentary elections.