Dutch Election: Voters Go To Polls In Key Test For Populists

Channels Television  
Updated March 15, 2017

It is decision day, as voters in the Netherlands are going to the polls to elect a new parliament.

The Dutch vote marks the first of three crucial Eurozone elections in 2017.

The race is dominated by Prime Minister, Mark Rutte’s centre-right party and that of Geert Wilders, running on an anti-immigration platform.

Mr Rutte says the election is an opportunity for voters to “beat the wrong sort of populism”.

Meanwhile, his rival, Mr Wilders, has pledged to take the Netherlands out of the EU and do more for the people.

After casting his vote, he was quoted to have said: “Whatever the outcome of the elections today, the genie will not go back into the bottle and this patriotic revolution – whether today or tomorrow – will take place.”

There are however 28 parties running to win in the 150-seat parliament, and many of them will end up being king makers.

France on the other hand, is set to go to the polls in April to elect a new President, while Germany is due to hold a general election in September.