‘Preparations For UN Climate Change Conference On Track’

Channels Television  
Updated May 18, 2017

Preparations for the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn this year are on course, the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is hosting the conference has said.

The event, which is scheduled to take place from November 6 to 17, is aimed at advancing the aims and ambitions of the Paris Agreement.

In a statement issued by its spokesperson, Nick Nuttall, the UNFCCC said delegates will be able to work in state of the art conference facilities, and benefit from an array of services, exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events, which the citizens of Bonn can also enjoy.

The UNFCCC said it is working with the Government of Germany, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia, the City of Bonn and the incoming Fijian COP23 Presidency to ensure a dynamic and successful conference.

Speaking on the last day of the May UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa said, “I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the incoming Fijian Presidency for its leadership, Germany for its excellent support, the State of North Rhine-Westphalia for its backing and the City of Bonn for its efforts to make the conference a success.

“We are extremely honored to be hosting COP23 and are determined to ensure strong and positive outcomes that will advance climate action across the globe. We are also determined to make the conference environmentally-friendly and a place where the atmosphere of positivity permeates throughout the negotiations and the many events planned.”

The Chief Negotiator for the COP23 Presidency, Ambassador Nazhat Shemeem Khan, expressed Fiji¹s gratitude for the support and encouragement it has received in the process so far,

“Following our consultations at the May UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn, it is clear that the desire to keep up the momentum on the implementation of the Paris Climate Change Agreement is widespread. Working with our partners, we want to harness this collective enthusiasm to strive for ambitious goals at COP23 and beyond,” she said.

Jochen Flasbarth, State Secretary at the German Federal Environment Ministry, said his country is honored to be hosting or supporting three global conferences which focus on climate change – the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, the G20 Summit and COP23.

“As President of the G20, we are pushing to advance the implementation of the Paris Agreement and focus particularly on the vulnerability of small island developing States. It is our great pleasure to support Fiji, the first ever small island developing state to hold the COP presidency, in its efforts by serving as technical host of COP23.

“We are pleased to have this opportunity to present the new and innovative concept for a global conference – one conference, two zones. With this concept we are highlighting the importance of climate action by having multiple non-state actors complement the formal negotiations.”