Idris Elba ,McConaughey Attend Premiere Of ‘The Dark Tower’

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Updated August 1, 2017

The pages of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” have been re-imagined for the big screen with Idris Elda and Matthew McConaughey in the starring roles.

Elba and McConaughey hit the red carpet in New York on Monday to celebrate the film’s upcoming U.S. opening on August 4.

The film and the book series tells the classic story of good versus evil as Elba’s character, Gunslinger, Roland Deschain fits to hold the universe, as known as the Dark Tower, as the Man in Black, portrayed by McConaughey tries to destroy it.

Actress Katheryn Winnick said “It is, I would not say that it’s a genre movie, but it’s definitely an epic fantasy and based in reality. And based in the imaginary thought process of your imagination. I guess would be the best way to describe it because it allows you to transport yourself in different realms.”she said

Actor Matthew McConaughey said “Bad guys are real fun to play because they are limitless. They don’t pander, they’re not trying to make friends, they’re not trying to have their manners and graces. And this was fun to sit there and imagine how many ways can you be evil, bad.

“Sometimes it’s a slight of hand, sometimes it’s burning a civilization, sometimes it’s exposing one person’s hypocrisy and letting them implode themselves.”

Director Nik Arcel grew up as a fan of the series in Denmark and credits the books for teaching him English.

On the red carpet, Arcel said working with King was very collaborative and that the author brought good ideas to the project without dictating.