Cartoon Network Denies Airing Sensitive Adult Content

Channels Television  
Updated August 11, 2017

DSTV’s Cartoon Network has disclaimed airing sensitive adult content reportedly aired on its channel.

Social media users shared comments following reports that the satellite television station displayed a photo that portrays nudity and promotes homosexuality.

Allaying the fears of parents, DStv responded to the comments, via Instagram claiming that the pictures were never aired on the Cartoon channel.

“We are aware of the justified concern of some of our African viewers regarding what purportedly shows inappropriate content on Cartoon Network.

“We can confirm without hesitation that these images are not authentic and have never been broadcasted or shared on any official Cartoon Network platforms in Africa in any capacity.

“The fake images on social media were not produced by Cartoon Network, and are in no way representative of our goal to provide suitable, age-appropriate entertainment for African children and families.”