Nollywood Actors Have A Lot To Learn -Victoria Inyama

Channels Television  
Updated September 15, 2017

Actress Victoria Inyama who was a regular face in Nollywood before she relocated to the United Kingdom after her marriage to Ben Okri stated that Nollywood actors have a lot to learn.

Speaking on Nollywood Uncut on Channels Television, the actress explained her journey to lime light and her future plans.

“I can say for what is going on in U.K, we have access to a lot of things to improve ourselves, what is remaining is just for us to improve ourselves. Here(U.K) a typical director has access to all kinds of information, same with the cameraman compared to Nigeria where they don’t really have access to all that information.

“I think the problem with a lot of is we are not ready to learn something new, we are a bit lazy because learning something new means you have to go out to search for the information or do a couple of courses, it is different here. So they have a lot to learn.”

The actress stated that veteran actor Alex Usifo found her and brought her into Nollywood.

“Acting for me started a long time ago, Alex Usifo saw me and he thought I could be a good actress and that was how it started.”

Speaking about her future plans she stated that she is back to school studying counselling so that she can be a voice for celebrities that have been tongued lash on social media.

“I have to go back to the university, I want to study psychology and major in counselling, because with the likes of social media and blogs I sometimes read about my colleague’s stories on blogs and how people trash them. So I said Victoria you have a voice and at least if you decide to talk, one or two people will listen to you.

“After being in the lime light knowing what goes on in my mind, how I feel when people trash me, that is how a typical popular person will feel when people trash them. We could pretend that we don’t care, but we do care, we actually read some of those comments and we cry, so I said let me study psychology.”