Channels TV’s Theme Song Inspired My Music Career – Iseoluwa

Channels Television  
Updated September 23, 2017

Young talented singer, Iseoluwa Abidemi, whose music career was discovered at age five disclosed that she got her attraction to music from listening to Channels Television’s theme song ‘Iseoluwa’.

She revealed this in an interview with Sunrise on Channels Television.

“My first attraction to music was at age five listening to Channels theme signature tune. My attraction to that song mostly was ‘Iseoluwa’ the name I decided to use and also a form of introducing myself to the world.”

Speaking about her long-term goals Iseoluwa who is now 13 stated that God will direct her steps.

“As far as God continues to provide and give me the grace to strive harder, touch souls and reach the world because there are still many souls out there waiting to know more about Jesus.”

Speaking about her future ambitions, she revealed that though she wants to be a lawyer, anywhere God leads her, she is going to go.

“I want to be a lawyer but I have a passion for music, but whatever God wants me to do, I will follow that.”

Advising young gifted children like her she said, “Keep trying to be bold, never be discouraged no matter what anybody says.”