Anambra Election, A Referendum On Our Future – Chidoka

Akinola Ajibola  
Updated November 2, 2017
Anambra Election, A Referendum On Our Future – Chidoka
Osita Chidoka


One of the aspirants for the governorship election in Anambra State, Osita Chidoka, has asked the people of the state to leverage the November 18 poll to determine how they want their future to be.

Chidoka, who left the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the United Progressive Party (UPP), stated this on Thursday during his appearance on Channels Television’s Politics Today.

“The election of November 18 is a referendum on our future, is a referendum that Indi-Anambra and Indi-Igbo, in general, have a great opportunity to air their grievances through the political process,” he said.

“They have a great opportunity to elect a leadership that wants to make Anambra State a leading state in Nigeria. They want a leadership that is of the future, a leadership that is thinking about the infrastructure of tomorrow; Anambra has to go UPP to up its game.”

The former Minister of Aviation further asked the people to vote wisely during the election and urged them to cast their votes in support of who would treat their welfare with utmost importance.

He was, however, hopeful that democracy has gone past the days where aspirants deceive electorates to get into office, adding that the people would vote for the candidate that would ensure the dividends of democracy.

“I believe that this election is an election for the person with the biggest ground game. That is – the person that is able to reach the voters, the person that is able to talk to the voters directly, speak to their hopes, address their fears and connect with them emotionally,” he added.

“Anambra has to know that they need a leadership that views the development of human beings as the most important, a leadership that does not celebrate output but cares about outcomes. Now, what are the key outcomes we want in Anambra? We have the best results in WAEC, we need to turn that into an advantage.”

Responding to critics who said he lacks the political structure to win an election, Chidoka said the “structure of diverting electoral materials” and the structure “of bribing electoral officers” were irrelevant.

“We saw Emmanuel Macron form a party and within two years he became the President of France; we saw Barack Obama set up a campaign machinery that most people thought was a team of young people but they were able to knock on the doors of the people, they were able to speak to the hopes of Americans, they were able to connect emotionally.

“It goes to show you that today’s voters, there is a rise of the new voter and the new voters are people who are willing to look at the issues of the person involved,” the former PDP member said.