‘Unity List’: Distribution Of Lists, A Global Phenomenon – PDP

Channels Television  
Updated December 11, 2017

The newly elected Legal adviser of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Mr Agbo Emmanuel, has defended the distribution of lists that took place during the party’s national convention on Saturday, December 9.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Monday, he stated that the distribution of a said ‘Unity List’ was a normal phenomenon and in fact, other lists were being distributed.

“In any election, there is always a lineup – it is not a Nigerian phenomenon, it is a global thing.

“Whenever you have an electoral college, there is always a line up by the contestants so in the last convention, there were a lot of lists generated by the different blocs that contested that election so, that is not an issue.”

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Speaking further, Mr Emmanuel said the party’s leaders are making efforts to reconcile aggrieved members and ensure their return to the party.

“The chairman has given a command that we should go back, rebuild the party from the nooks and the crannies of this country, get every member of the party that was out, to be in, fully – Ensure that there is harmony in every unit of the party.

“Many of those that were aggrieved are already back in the party as we speak. Our leaders are already talking to few of those members.

“We are only having Professor Adeniran to deal with and as I said leaders of the party are making advances to him and I’m sure that as a committed member of the party since 1998, Professor Adeniran will see reason to come and work with the party to ensure that we regain power in 2019 which is what he himself wanted to do.”

Addressing the issue of zoning, Mr Emmanuel stated that members of the south-west region are well represented in the party and that there is no such thing as zoning to the south-east.

According to him, all those who had stepped down earlier only did so in the interest of the party.

“The south-west region of the country was sufficiently carried along in the last convention.

“Four eminent sons of the south-west are members of the national working committee so nobody can accuse the PDP of not having sufficient representatives from the south-west.”

On the agenda of the party, the legal adviser said under the leadership of the new chairman, the party is repositioning itself and is determined to regain power in the 2019 elections.

“The national working committee that is being led by a veteran politician in the person of Prince Uche Secondus is very poised and determined and ready to take back power in 2019. For that reason, he has positioned the party to get down to business immediately.

“As we speak, we had an inaugural meeting today where all departments at the national secretariat of the party took over from their predecessors – so we are ready.

“The agenda of the newly elected national working committee of the party is to reposition the party to regain power in 2019 – that is our singular agenda and we shall not miss it,” he stressed.