DPR Seals 80 Petrol Stations In Delta

Channels Television  
Updated January 4, 2018

The Department of Petroleum Resources has confirmed sealing about 80 petrol stations in Delta since fuel scarcity started in December 2017.

The Controller of the Warri Zonal Operation, Antai Asuquo, disclosed this in after a state-wide monitoring of filling stations.

Most of the filling stations that felt the brunt of the exercise are located Warri, Ughelli, Sapele, Isoko and Asaba as they were sealed for various offenses ranging from selling above the government approved price of N145 per litre, hoarding and absconding on sighting DPR officials.

On sighting the members of the DPR, the crowd is divided and an argument ensues. While some of them appear to be in support of the enforcement of the law by the DPR, some others venting their anger on the federal government, say they are satisfied with the rate as long as the product is available

In most cities in Delta State, the product is being sold for at an average price of N250 despite reassurances from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC that it has increased supply of petrol across the country from about 30million to 80million liters per day while in Asaba metropolis, a large number of petrol stations hoard the product

For a few of the petrol stations selling at the approved rate, there are long queues of vehicles causing serous traffic gridlock.

Mr Asuquo advised marketers not to purchase fuel if they know they cannot sell at the regulated price of n145 per liter

“DPR has sealed over 80 filling stations since the fuel scarcity began last month.

Those we sealed are because they refused to dispense at the government approved price of N145 per litre and those that abandoned their retail outlets on sighting our personnel.

“Today, we have been to many filling stations in Asaba; one actually abandoned his station and we sealed the facilities because they have an equivalent product of 30,000 litres. We will revisit the station to ensure that appropriate sanction is melted out on the owner”

“We also saw stations selling above the approved pump price; we compelled them to sell at the regulated pump price. Overtime, we have observed that some depots sell to third parties and they add their margin and that affects the ultimate price”