Amnesty International Is Not Credible, Says Military

Channels Television  
Updated March 23, 2018

Nigeria military has claimed that Amnesty International is not a credible organisation alleging that the aim of the organisation is to ‘harm’ Nigerians.

Defence Spokesperson, Brigadier General John Agim, who was a guest on Channels Television Breakfast Programme, Sunrise Daily on Friday, claimed that, although Amnesty International has credibility in other countries, it lacks credibility in Nigeria.

“Amnesty is a very credible organisation out there, but in Nigeria, they are not,” he said.

Explaining further why he thinks Amnesty International lacks credibility, the Nigeria military spokesperson alleged that the international organisation takes advantage of Nigeria, whenever there is a security situation.

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“Amnesty International takes advantage of whenever we have security situation in Nigeria. Whenever there are gaps, and something happens, they always take advantage of it. And over the years, we have realised that the intention is to harm Nigerians.”

Agim also reacted to the report by Amnesty International which accused the Nigerian military of failing to prevent the abduction of 110 schoolgirls in, Dapchi Yobe State despite being warned.

Amnesty International in a statement on Tuesday said the military failed to act on advance warnings that a convoy of Boko Haram fighters was heading to Dapchi town.

In reaction to this statement, Agim said the military never received any warnings from Amnesty International. According to him, the Defence Headquarters should have been informed of any query instead of telling the public.

“If you are going to condemn an organisation that they are not doing well, and you don’t make effort for them to answer some queries from you which even though it may not change your narrative, why don’t you make attempt to talk to them,” he questioned.

Calling for the support of Nigerians to fight insecurity in Nigeria, Agim said the fight against insecurity in Nigeria is not only against Boko Haram.

The fight in Northeast and other parts of the country, according to him, is a fight against Boko Haram and the ‘bad people’ including enemies of the country.