Nigeria’s Healthcare System Is Overburdened, Says Expert

Channels Television  
Updated March 28, 2018


Worried by the state of the nation’s healthcare delivery system, a medical pratititioner has expressed concern of the high rate of medical treatement abroad.

Dr. Ify Aniebo said that Nigeria’s healthcare system is overburden which has led to the lack of  facilities and doctors to attend to patients in the hospital.

According to her, access to healthcare in Nigeria is not equitable in all areas especially people living in the rural areas where they can’t afford to get a good hospital because of bad roads or transportation.

“People living in the rural areas have that challenge; especially those living in the north to get to a health facility could take up to 2 hours because of bad roads or lack of transportation”.

She attributed these factors to maternal maternity which she noted is affecting the country and Nigeria has been ranked as one of the worst maternal maternity case.

Dr Aniebo also noted that in some cases the amount of money paid is not measured up to the quality of healthcare delivered in the country which in such cases is caused by wrong diagnosis or negligence.

She said there is a lot to do more than just investing in the system but rather in the health professionals.

While comparing doctors in the country and those abroad, she added that these doctors abroad invest in themselves thereby doing alot of research which Nigerian doctors lack.

“Research cost money, when you travel abroad you get good health care because most of these people do reserach which feeds back into the quality of healthcare that is given”.

She called for an improvement in the health personals to help boost the system in the country.