NMA Accuses JOHESU Of Sabotage Over Lingering Strike

Channels Television  
Updated May 23, 2018

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The Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) has accused the members of the Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) of sabotage and fabricating stories making outrageous demands from the Federal Government.

The NMA is blaming the JOHESU on why the industrial action embarked upon has continued to linger on.

According to the NMA, the strike situation has affected health services in some government hospitals across the country.

At this news conference in Abuja, members of the NMA described the industrial action as an act targeted at them.

The association insisted that the crux of the matter is agitations for equal pay with the medical doctors, an allegation that JOHESU leadership denies.
The striking health workers resumed negotiations with the Federal Government on Tuesday behind closed doors.

However, a statement from the Ministry of Labour and Employment after that meeting urged the JOHESU members to obey a court order that allegedly directed the striking health workers to suspend their action with 24 hours, a development that JOHESU have also responded to.

The endless strike in the health sector is already taking its toll on patients, and the apparent power play between the NMA, JOHESU and the federal government is obviously not in the interest of patients who want the crisis resolved in immediately.