Apapa Gridlock Traps 30,000 Tonnes Of Cocoa

Channels Television  
Updated August 28, 2018


About 30,000 metric tonnes of cocoa have been trapped at the Apapa gridlock on its way to the Apapa port, according to exporters.

The Cocoa Exporters Association of Nigeria on Monday said that 1,760 tons of Cocoa butter and cake are held up in the traffic which has been a source of concern to motorists, residents as well as importers and exporters.

Traders said, as a result of the development, farm-gate cocoa prices have dropped, while purchases have slowed.

Nigeria is currently ranked fifth alongside Cameroon, among the world’s biggest cocoa producers, with the international cocoa organisation estimating its 2017 to 2018 output at 240,000 metric tonnes.

The Apapa is one of Africa’s biggest port city but the current road repairs hinder access to ships for export.