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    31st August,2018.
    The German Chancellor,
    Madame Angie Merkel
    C/O German Embassy,
    Dear Chancellor Merkel,
    As you visit Nigeria and other African countries,we sincerely welcome you and earnestly ask that you use this golden opportunity to tell our leaders what Germany represents:
    1.GOOD GOVERNANCE:The 21st Century Germany is a strong Federal Parliamentary Democracy that came out of the ashes of Nascism.It is a country where the rule of law prevails and human dignity is respected.
    At a time when Nigeria’s President is pushing that matters of “National Security”(Best decided by the executive) should be placed above the rule of law,the visit of the German Chancellor cannot be more timely to correct such a dangerous development.
    Germany like other liberal democracies,respects press freedom,has zero tolerance for corruption(in action not just in words) and protects the civil society not intimidate them.
    2.EXCELLENCE:The 21st Century unified Germany has become a classic example of the virtue of all-round excellence.
    Excellence in their educational standards,excellence in entrepreneurship and innovation,a diversified and excellent economy,excellence in sports and excellence in environmental protection.This has earned them the coveted nickname:”GERMAN MACHINES”.
    To show the world how much value they place on education,the German tax payers have made education for all residents of Germany free irrespective of nationality.Germany boasts an astonishing 107 Nobel Laureates and produces the second highest number of graduates in science and engineering in the world after South Korea.
    Economically,Germany is a super power with a stunning nominal GDP of USD3.685Trillion and one of the highest exporter of goods in the world,known for their machinery,chemical goods,electrical equipment and pharmaceuticals.
    And we all know in Nigeria the level of class associated with driving a Mercedes,BMW,Porsche,Audi or wearing an original Addidas T-shirt or perfume.Also we all know that extra-feeling you get when your house is Built by Julius Berger Construction company or you fly Lufthansa.
    3.RENEWABLE ENERGY LEADER:While Nigeria continues to depend on crude oil as the mainstay of her economy and considering developing her nucluer energy resources,the Government of Germany and the nuclear power industry agreed to phase-out all nuclear-power plants by 2021 I.e 3years from now.It also enforces energy conservation,green technologies,emission reduction activities and aims to meet the country’s electricity demands using 40% renewable energy sources by 2020.And I bet you, they will meet that target before 2020.Remember they are GERMAN MACHINES. Ruthless efficiency and effectiveness is one of their cherished hallmarks.
    The countries household recycling rate is among the highest in the world—at around 65%.
    Please what is the household recycling rate in Nigeria?
    4.MILLITARY MIGHT:Knowing the strategic importance of the security of it’s citizens(home and abroad) and it’s allies,the German government has gone ahead to develop a strong military might,drawing strength and building on the capabilities and the experiences developed in World War II.
    In absolute terms,Germany’s military expenditure is the 9th highest in the world.
    In 2015,military spending was at USD32.9bilion,about 1.2% of the country’s GDP.
    As of 2017,the German military employed roughly 178,000 service members,including about 9000 volunteers.Reservists are available to the Armed Forces and participate in defence exercises and deployments abroad.
    5.APPRENTICESHIP:Germany like many other OECD countries recognize skills as the indispensable nots and bolts needed in the building of any economy that will be stable,self-reliant and last the test of time.
    Hence the German apprenticeship system.Unequalled anywhere in the world to the extent that even super-power nations like the United States of America are beginning to imitate and model their own apprenticeship system after that of Germany.
    Basically,it is a system of apprenticeship called “Duale Ausbildung”.It allows students in vocational training to learn in a company as well as in a state-run trade school.This model is well regarded and reproduced all around the world.
    Through this model Germany is guaranteed a highly skilled population to fuel it’s labour force so they can keep producing our favorite brands I.e:Mercedes,BMW,Porsche,Audi and Addidas.
    6.NATIONAL IDENTITY AND PRIDE:Being German or being associated with Germany has become a thing of pride even in the 21st century.Not the kind of negative pride that leads to racism or any kind of discrimination towards other people and cultures, but the kind of positive pride of being associated with a culture of excellence in all ramifications.
    Excellence of being a citizen or resident of a system that works.
    Excellence of being a citizen or resident of an industrialized,developed and diversified economy,with universal health-care coverage,high quality of life and a reasonable high life expectancy.
    The German language,like English,French,Spanish and Chinese has become an international language that must be learnt by any serious and progressive business person,academic or athlete,especially a footballer.
    Germany is a leading fashion industry,hosting lots of shows annually,with tourists and visitors to go with it.
    We all love German cuisine for their variety,German architecture,paintings and of course the German football team.
    Motor sports fans like me all respect Michael Schumacher,SebastianVettel and Nico Rosberg.
    And any serious classical music lover will definitely appreciate the works of Mozat and Beethoven.
    As of 2016,UNESCO inscribed 41 properties in Germany on the world heritage list.
    All these goodness put together is what is popularly known as:MADE IN GERMANY,who wouldn’t want to be associated with something great?
    7.YOUTH INCLUSIVENESS: Germany as a nation has demonstrated a high level of youth inclusion through the making of youth friendly policies. Among them are:
    1. Free Education across all levels.
    2. Heavy investment in sporting infrastructure facilities and sports development.
    3. Universal health care system.
    4. Apprenticeship.
    5. Fair and humane justice system.
    The German government acknowledges the enormous energy and passions of the average youth seeking for expression.Most often if it is not properly harnessed and channeled into positive activities, it would definitely be channeled into the negative -CRIME
    As such the German government has consistently invested in and supported the sports industry,helping not just German youths but youths all over the world to find very rewarding platforms to express their athletic gifts.
    As regards their justice system,it primarily seeks the rehabilitation of the criminal and the protection of the public,which is reflected in how the German police relates with its citizens and how they treat suspects.All these,ultimately culminating in a low murder rate with 0.9 murders per 100,000 as at 2014.
    In recent years,Germany realized a golden opportunity,seized it and re-wrote history by becoming a refuge for thousands of stranded migrants and a comforter for the broken hearted,thereby making the world to fall in love with them once again and leaving a lasting beautiful impression in our hearts.
    In conclusion,while wishing you a safe trip as you return home, please Chancellor Merkel,after enumerating to President Buhari what Germany stands for,kindly ask Him:What exactly does 21st century Nigeria represent in the committee of nations?
    Best Regards,
    Jude Ohajinwa.

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