APC Postpones Lagos Governorship Primary Over ‘Political Tension’

Channels Television  
Updated October 2, 2018

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has postponed its governorship primary in Lagos.

The chairman of the electoral committee for the primary, Clement Ebri, announced the decision on Tuesday at a press conference in Lagos.

He said, “Because of the political tension in the state, we decided to be very careful, very methodical, and very meticulous in doing it (the primary).

“Peace is more important to us than victory. We want the kind of victory that will be celebrated by both parties. We want victories that will be credible; the victory that will be in line with the guidelines, the extant rules and laws of this country.”

According to Ebri, stakeholders involved in the primary were not comfortable with the arrangements made.

He said, “After meeting with stakeholders (on Monday), it became obvious that they were not very comfortable with ballot papers. They said they needed time to educate people, sensitise them.

“Based on the submissions made yesterday, some change was effected and we were advised to go and do the open ballot in a manner that would still produce objective results.”

The committee said it would contact the national leadership of the party for further directives about when the exercise would be held.