NEMA Receives 161 More Libya Returnees

Channels Television  
Updated October 12, 2018
155 Nigerians Return From Libya
FILE PHOTO of Libya Returnees


The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) on Friday received a total of 161 Nigerians stranded in Libya, who voluntarily returned to Nigeria.

A total of 10,000 returnees have so far been evacuated from the North African country since April 2017.

Among the new set of returnees on Friday, nine of them have serious medical cases. There were 12 pregnant women among them with a seven-year-old minor also on the flight.

Among the 161 returnees, 147 of them are adults, four are children and 10 infants.

NEMA had received a batch of 149 returnees on Tuesday making a total of 310 of them this week alone.