2019: Why I Adopted ‘Meet The People On The Street’ Strategy – Ezekwesili

Channels Television  
Updated November 26, 2018


The presidential candidate of the Allied Congress Party of Nigeria (ACPN), Dr Oby Ezekwesili, on Sunday took her campaign to the streets of Abuja, where she spoke one-on-one with residents ahead of the 2019 general elections.

The campaign kicked off at Shoprite in the Apo arear of he FCT, with Ezekwesili stating that Nigeria is progressing at a slow pace due to mismanagement of resources by the people that have been entrusted with leadership.

She went further to explain that she adopted the street campaign strategy because she believes it is a disruptive strategy that would make money unnecessary during the campaigns.

According to her, she adopted the strategy to prove to people, who had been asking her about her structure, that she had it in the streets.

“What we are doing is distribution because a lot of people do say, ‘where is your structure?’

“The issue is that it is the distribution problem that we need to tackle; get the message to the people, who then get the message to other people. That is what we are doing and you can see how successful it has been so far.

“This is a disruptive strategy; it is a strategy that is going to make money unnecessary to the extent that it (money) will no longer matter in elections,” she said.

Furthermore, the BBOG co-convener explained her reasons for going into politics saying, “My entry into politics is to change a lot of things. The idea that you go and embezzle so much money and then you use it to buy an office through politics in order to embezzle yet another round of money must end.

“So, we are a low budget campaign. You see what I’m doing? Some of the people who are used to the old traditional system will not understand it. But wait and see. Just wait and see what is going to happen.

“This strategy is working. It is going to work well because the person with the message is superior to the person with the money. The strategy that we have adopted is a very solid strategy.”

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During the campaign, the former Minister of Education, also distributed booklets containing her policy action while trying to convince the residents that she is the best candidate among those parading themselves for the job.

She asked them to only cast their votes for her in the forthcoming presidential election.

“It is not going to be about me, it’s going to be about the Nigerian people sustaining it. This is the movement of the Nigerian people and I’m the candidate of the Nigerian people. I’m not the candidate of the political class. So, my campaign has a strategy to it and just keep waiting and seeing how it is going to unfold,” Ezekwesili added.