Generals Among Seven Killed In Somali Jihadist Attack

Channels Television  
Updated December 6, 2018

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A mine blast killed two generals and five other soldiers near the Somali capital Mogadishu on Thursday, military sources said, in an attack claimed by the jihadist Al-Shabaab movement.

General Omar Adan Hassan, head of the army’s 12th brigade, and the brigade’s operational commander, General Abdi Ali Jamame, were among those killed in the blast.

A statement from the president’s office paid tribute to all the victims as “martyrs” who had “sacrificed their lives” working for the return of peace in their country.

Their military convoy was returning to Mogadishu after visiting a military base south of the capital on a coastal road when a vehicle set off the device.

“The terrorists planted an explosive device along the road targeting a vehicle transporting general Omar Dhere,” military spokesman Mohamed Adan told AFP.

The two officers were on board a pick-up truck and most of its passengers were killed, said another military spokesman, Abdulahi Ahmed. Two other soldiers were wounded in the blast.

The Shebab group, an Al-Qaeda affiliate which has been fighting to overthrow the internationally backed Somali government for over a decade, claimed responsibility for the attack.