Apple To Pull Some iPhones In Germany

Channels Television  
Updated December 23, 2018
Photo: Don EMMERT / AFP


Chip supplier Qualcomm Inc won a second court skirmish in its worldwide patent battle with Apple Inc on Thursday, with the iPhone maker saying it would pull some older models from its German stores.

Qualcomm’s win in Germany comes weeks after it secured a court order to ban sales of some iPhone models in China. Apple, which is contesting both rulings, has continued to offer its iPhones in China but made changes to its iOS operating system in the wake of the Chinese order.

The German victory may affect only a few million iPhones out of the hundreds of millions that Apple sells each year. Still, it is a small but clear win in a complex legal battle that will spin into overdrive in the coming months as antitrust regulators and Apple both take Qualcomm to court in the United States.

Apple alleges that Qualcomm engaged in illegal behaviour to preserve a monopoly on modem chips, which help mobile devices connect to wireless data networks. Qualcomm has, in turn, accused Apple of using the chip supplier’s vast stable of technology innovations without proper compensation.