Elections: Do Not Allow Yourselves To Be Used To Cause Violence, Buhari Begs Youths

Channels Television  
Updated February 14, 2019


President Muhammadu Buhari has urged youths in the country to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner before, during and after the general elections.

He made the plea in a national broadcast on Thursday in Abuja, ahead of the elections scheduled to commence on Saturday.

“At this point, I want to make a special appeal to our youth: Do not allow yourselves to be used to cause violence and destruction,” President Buhari pleaded.

“The people who want to incite you are those preparing the ground for discrediting the elections. Having lost the argument, they fear losing the elections.”

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The President described the participation of Nigerians in the coming polls as a constitutional right which should be freely exercised by all eligible voters.

He assured the citizens that the Federal Government would do its best to ensure that the elections take place in a secure and peaceful atmosphere.

President Buhari stressed the need for Nigerians to be peaceful and urged them to put their personal interest for national peace to prevail.

He said, “As Government has a critical role in maintaining the democratic traditions, so do citizens.

“I, therefore, urge you all, as good Nigerians, to take a personal interest in promoting and maintaining peace in your respective neighbourhoods during the elections.”

“This is certainly not a time to allow personal, religious, sectional or party interests to drive us to desperation,” President Buhari added.

According to him, it was such free, fair and peaceful elections that made it possible for his Government to emerge.

The President, therefore, asked the electorate to come out on the day of the elections to fulfill their obligation in the interest of the nation’s future.

He assured all Nigerians, the diplomatic community, as well as all foreign election observers of their safety and full protection.