TRENDING: Nigerians Call For Better Treatment Of Corps Members

Channels Television  
Updated February 16, 2019
Corps members seen laying outside at a rack centre for INEC. Source: Twitter


As Nigerians react to the postponement of the general elections, some have also called for better treatment of corps members participating in the elections.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) came under major criticism when images showing the corps members in distressing conditions – cramped together, sleeping out in the open and more, along with harrowing posts of negligence, surfaced online.

As the criticism grew, spurning thousands of tweets and a global trend on microblogging platform, Twitter, INEC met with stakeholders for talks about its last-minute decision to postpone the polls.

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See some of the comments below.

At the forum, amid a flurry of criticism by political parties and queries by stakeholders, the issue of the experience of corps members came up.

But the Chairman of the Commission, Mahmood Yakubu, explained that it was customary for INEC ad-hoc staff to stay at rack centres the night before the elections.

According to him, this would enable them to receive all the materials necessary for the exercise the following day.

He further explained that the facilities used across the states, did not belong to the Commission and were only utilised once every four years.

The INEC boss, however, stated that elections would not be conducted successfully without the help of the ad-hoc staff, hence, the Commission does not take them for granted.

While explaining that it has, in some areas, made provisions to make the centres more comfortable, Yakubu said the Commission would continue to do its best to provide comfort for the staff.