Buhari Declines Assent To Digital Rights And Freedom Bill, Four Others

Channels Television  
Updated March 20, 2019


President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday conveyed to the National Assembly his decision to decline assent to five bills.

The President made his decision known to the Senate via five letters which were read during plenary by Senate President Bukola Saraki.

The bills which the President refused to sign into law are the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill, 2018; Nigerian Film Commission Bill, 2018; Immigration Amendment Bill, 2018; Climate Change Bill, 2018; and Chartered Institute of Pension Practitioners of Nigeria Bill, 2018.

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In his letters, the President stated the reasons why he declined to assent to the bills in question.

On his reason for declining to assent the Digital Rights and Freedom Bill, 2018,  for instance, President Buhari said the bill covers too many technical subjects and “fails to address any of them extensively”.

Below are the letters sent to the Senate by President Buhari, in which he gave reasons for declining assent to the five bills.