Buhari Asks Law Enforcement Agencies To Tackle Financial Corruption

Channels Television  
Updated June 11, 2019


President Muhammadu Buhari has asked law enforcement agencies in the country and the continent to tackle financial corruption in the political system.

President Buhari who spoke at the National Democracy Day anti-corruption summit in Abuja, the president expressed his regrets over recent political experiences which he said, was characterized by corruption and influence of money on party politics and electioneering processes, a practice with dire consequences for the nation.

“I urge all law enforcement agencies and the judiciary in Nigeria and across Africa to tackle financial corruption in our political system and control electoral spending and voter-inducement.”

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He mentioned close existing legislative loopholes, facilitate collaboration with the judiciary and strengthen the criminal justice system as key areas his second tenure hopes to tackle corruption.

Meanwhile, President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, said the anti-corruption fight should take a holistic approach.

“We tend to focus on the petty corruption of everyday life while turning a blind eye to the more consequential forms that people only whisper about because the rich and powerful are the main benefits.”