APC, PDP Members Argue Survey On President Buhari’s Performance

Channels Television  
Updated June 14, 2019


A spokesman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Kassim Afegbua and a member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Daniel Bwala, have argued a survey, ‘Buhari Meter’, which identified top policy issues that President Muhammadu Buhari should address in the next four years.

The survey which was carried out by Africa Polling Institute became the topic of discussion on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Friday. Key areas like Economy, Security, Infrastructure, Education and Corruption were highlighted by respondents in the 5019 sample-sized survey across the country.

According to Afegbua, the statistics of the survey confirmed that the Buhari-led federal government failed in delivering on their mandates.

“The statistics confirm the first four years of APC as a colossal failure. The economy has to wear two solid feet to the extent that it will be able to create jobs.

“I think the APC-led Federal Government is just rotating in circles and expecting different results.”

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He explained that the Federal Government should address unemployment and Security challenges, to drive the country’s economy.

“This government needs to bring back those who have lost their jobs first before talking about 100 million Nigerians who are to be taken out of poverty in the next ten years.

“If you want to drive your economy, you must get your security architecture right; who are those guys coming to invest in the economy, are they the ones who will face the issue of banditry, kidnapping and bad roads.”

In reaction, Bwala said that the APC has a robust policy agenda to address the challenges highlighted in the survey and hope that it will be made available to Nigerians for proper accountability.

“The party has a comprehensive and robust policy agenda that will address all that in the next level proposal that our party will make efforts to make it available to Nigerians which people can focus on.”