Guinea Bissau President Rejects Parliament Proposal On New Premier

Channels Television  
Updated June 19, 2019


Guinea-Bissau’s President Jose Mario Vaz on Wednesday rejected a proposal by parliament for his rival and former premier to lead the next government.

The move extends the political deadlock gripping the tiny West African country since 2015 when Vaz fired Domingos Simoes Pereira from his prime minister’s post.

Vaz had invited the PAIGC party, which controls a majority in parliament, to name a new prime minister as a way to end the crisis, but he rejected the party’s repeated proposal of Pereira.

“While I recognise your party holds the parliament majority, I beg you to propose another name,” Vaz said on Wednesday, according to a statement from the presidency.

“I decline your proposal.”

Vaz on Tuesday set the date for the next presidential election for November 24, according to an official decree.

Sitting between Senegal and Guinea on Africa’s west coast, Guinea Bissau has struggled with volatility for years. It has seen multiple coup attempts since independence from Portugal in 1973.