Google Showers Baby Boy Named ‘Google’ With Gifts

Channels Television  
Updated July 3, 2019
Baby Google wearing a jumper with Google logo. PHOTO CREDIT: Mantalean


A baby boy in Indonesia has received gifts from the tech giant, Google after his parents named him ‘Google.’

Google was born in Rawalumbu, City of Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia.

The souvenirs and gifts were sent to the baby by Google Indonesia on Thursday reported on Monday.

Mother of baby Google, Ella Karina confirmed that the gifts were sent via app-based transportation services online to her home in Rawalumbu, Indonesia.

“There are some items, awards, and mementos for baby Google,” Karina told

Karina was reluctant to specify the gifts sent to her baby by the tech giant.

However, in the picture she shared on social media, one could see baby Google wearing a dark blue jumper with ‘Google’ inscription on it.

Karina, 27, and her husband Andi Cahya Saputra welcomed their second child in November 2018, but news of name given to the baby went viral recently after the mother shared a picture of the birth certificate on social media.

She added that she initially disagreed with her husband’s idea of naming their second child Google.

However, she had become more confident with the name because of the positive responses they received.

“We thank Google for their attention. We are more confident now,” she said.