Perform Your Duties Without Bias, CJN Mohammed Tells Magistrates

Channels Television  
Updated July 8, 2019
CJN Tanko Mohammed


The acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Tanko Mohammed has asked judicial officers to be diligent in their duties, shun corruption and avoid practices and misconduct in the discharge of their duties as magistrates.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2019 orientation course for newly appointed magistrates, Mohammed said that the image of the judiciary is determined by what the judicial officers do in the performance of their duties.

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“You must be seen to perform your judicial duties skillfully and expeditiously without bias or prejudice. You must always remember that justice delayed is justice denied. Equally justice unrushed is justice denied. You must remember this.

“Rush in law means you are not doing justice. Don’t delay it unnecessarily, don’t rush it. Be yourself. Don’t allow anybody to makes you rush or delay it. Be yourself. If there is any question geared towards you, nobody will answer that question for you,” he said.