Sex Toy Shop Assault: Senate Committee Insists On Continuing Investigation

Channels Television  
Updated July 9, 2019


The Senate adhoc committee investigating the allegation of assault against Senator Elisha Abbo has insisted on continuing its investigation, despite the matter being in court.

He is being investigated over a viral video in which he was seen physically assaulting a woman in a shop in Abuja.

The Senator on Tuesday appeared before the committee and a confrontation ensued between him and one of the committee members after he objected to being questioned in the presence of the media.

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According to him, he only obliged the invitation of the committee out of respect, as the matter was already in court.



The committee eventually obliged the senator and went into a closed-door session.

Meanwhile, the victim was absent. She was, however, represented by her lawyers who stated that she was receiving medical treatment and they were not authorised to speak on the matter, as it would amount to subjudice.