Afenifere Renewal Group Mourns Fasoranti’s Daughter, Demands Justice

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Updated July 13, 2019

Afenifere Renewal Group Mourns Fasoranti’s Daughter, Demands Justice


The Afenifere Renewal Group (ARG) has mourned the daughter of the national leader of Afenifere, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, killed by armed men suspected to be herdsmen.

Mrs Funke Olakunrin was shot on Friday afternoon while travelling along the Benin-Ore Expressway in south-western Nigeria.

In a statement on Saturday by its chairman, Olawale Oshun, the group condemned the killing of Mrs Olakunrin and commiserated with her family.

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It said, “ARG shares in this colossal loss and condole with the bereaved family, especially Pa Fasoranti and Mrs Olakunrin’s nucleus family.

“This loss is a burden too heavy and a steep price to pay for steadfastly serving this nation and our people.”

The group blamed the death on “savage herdsmen” and warned that whatever the plot they have against Yorubaland, “it will consume the perpetrators and their collaborators”.

It challenged the governors in the south-west and the socio-political leadership to rise up in defence of the people in the region.

ARG said, “It would now seem that the central government and its clinging to central policing has failed woefully in providing Nigerians the needed security.

“Our governors must realise that they shall be held responsible, individually and collectively, should they fail to prioritise and support one another in securing their people. The time to act is now.”

The group described Mrs Olakunrin as the latest victim of what it called the nation’s wobbling and ineffective unitary governance structure.

It, therefore, demanded that the issues of kidnap, rape, and killing that “emanate daily from Yoruba land” be stopped by whatever mean possible.

ARG asked that the ‘Unitary Constitution’ be replaced with a truly Federal Constitution and called on the south-west governors to rise to the challenge.

“They can count on the support of our people in their bid to drive out these senseless criminals from our land,” it said.

The group explained that this would ensure that Mrs Olakunrin and all others killed by suspected herdsmen do not die in vain.