Kidnappings: PDP Chieftain, Akinwunmi Calls For National Security Summit

Channels Television  
Updated July 17, 2019


Deputy National Chairman (South) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Yemi Akinwunmi has said that Nigeria is long overdue for a security summit, owing to the rising case of crimes in the country.

He spoke on Channels TV breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily, where he expressed that the concerns over insecurity in the country have made most Nigerians come together to lend a voice for the call of a national security summit.

“It is long overdue for us to have a security summit, now it is affecting most Nigerians and progressives are now coming together.

“We have to come together to review the architecture of this country if we want to put a halt to this incessant killings today. All of us are coming together to say that these things are actually wrong.”

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Mr Akinwunmi noted that a lot of things are going wrong and questioned how the inflow of sophisticated weapons are brought into the country, calling on the police to do the needful.

“Why is it that from 2015, Fulani’s has started carrying AK 47? Where did they get it from?

“How many of them have been arrested, prosecuted, how many convictions have been recorded? Are you saying the police cannot get them?

“Many things are wrong; we are almost at a failed state right now.”

He added that without urgent action to the call for a security summit, Nigerians might resort to self-defence.

“Very soon the international communities will advise their nationals not to come to Nigeria any longer because the country is not safe and if we don’t have a security summit, we will resort to self-defence.”