‘This House Is Not A Fighting Ring,’ Biggie ‘Strikes’ Joe, Ike And Tacha

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Updated August 13, 2019
Photo Credit: Big Brother Naija


It was a day of reckoning on Monday night when Biggie gave some housemates in the Big Brother Naija reality show stern warnings and punishment for rules infringement.

Some of the housemates found guilty were Tacha, Ike, and Joe.

Mercy escaped a ‘strike’ as Biggie simply gave her a final warning for damaging Biggie’s property – a mobile phone during Saturday Night Party.

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She was warned to be in control of her temper and reaction regardless of other people’s actions towards her.

Joe received his first ‘Strike’ for provoking Tacha and for making a volatile situation worse. He got a strike over his verbal argument with Tacha and for leaving his couch to sit next to Tacha to provoke her.

Biggie cautioned Joe to promote peace, happiness, and fun during his stay in the House.

Biggie gave Tacha a ‘Strike’  hitting Joe – physically assaulting a fellow housemate. She was advised that she should have handled herself better and rather walk away to avoid the ugly scene.

All the Housemates were warned by Biggie to control their temper or they will lose their place in his House.

‘Temper temper housemates. Not every situation deserves a response,’ Biggie said during the disciplinary session.

Ike was found guilty of intent to attack a fellow housemate – Seyi. He was also issued a strike by Biggie.

Ike has gotten two strikes before now. One more strike and he will be evicted from the show.

“There is learning for every situation. Co-existence comes with dispute. It is your responsibility to behave in a way that makes the House safe not only for yourself but the other housemates,” Biggie warned the Housemates.