Buhari Is Handicapped By The Nature Of Administration He Is Leading – Clarke

Channels Television  
Updated October 14, 2019


Chief Robert Clarke says President Muhammadu Buhari is handicapped by the nature of government he is leading. 

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) who was a guest on Channels Television’s Sunday politics, says the government of today in Nigeria operating “the 1999 constitution that allows corruption to rear its head in every field of endeavor cannot be fighting corruption.

According to Chief Clarke, President Buhari is handicapped because the same system in which he operates is the one creating corruption.

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“You have a government that is fighting corruption whereas the system you are operating to fight the corruption is also breading the corruption. The system allows corruption to thrive,” Chief Clarke said.

He was of the opinion that corruption cannot be eradicated because it emanates from the system.

Speaking about possible solutions to the corruption problem, Chief Clarke was of the opinion that since the constitution is the canker-worm breeding corruption in Nigeria, then it must be done away with.

“The constitution we are operating upon is a corrupt one… Let us change the constitution and restructure,” Chief Clarke noted.