SPONSORED: This Year’s HUAWEI P Series Is Coming: Is It A Lite Year?

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Updated October 22, 2019

In 2018, the Huawei shipped more than two hundred million smartphone units, dominating the one-third of the global smartphone market.

One can’t mention Huawei without taking the P series flagship smartphones into consideration. As the high-end Huawei smartphone, the P series not only achieved great sales performance but a reputation for excellent quality.

From the world’s slimmest smartphone HUAWEI P6, to the all-metal flagship HUAWEI P8, to the HUAWEI P10 with 10 colour variations, the HUAWEI P series is a flagship device series targeting young and fashionable consumers.

In terms of photography, from the monochrome cameras of the HUAWEI P9 to the redefined portrait photography of the P10, and from Leica certification to AI empowerment, the HUAWEI P20 established a benchmark in the 2018 smartphone industry with its brilliant design and powerful triple rear camera setup.

Meanwhile, the P20 set a barrier for other smartphone manufacturers. After one year, people have greater camera expectations of the P series successor.

Reportedly, the latest P series product is coming soon, and it will be the light flagship HUAWEI P30 Lite, designed for the elegant and international, fashionable elites.

Enriching and supplementing the Huawei P series after the P20, what surprises will the P30 Lite bring to us?

Smartphones have become increasingly powerful as technology has developed.

Not only it can the smartphone be used for communication, but they have more and more photography capabilities. In fact, smartphones have been a necessity in modern society.

With increasing requirements from consumers, many smartphone manufacturers have begun to focus on camera capabilities, such as portrait mode, Bokeh effect, ultra-wide-angle lens, super night mode and other features. Additionally, the image quality requirement grows higher and higher. The overall progress of this technology is obvious to all.

Since the HUAWEI P20 Pro ranked at the top of the DxOMark list, becoming the world’s best camera smartphone, people have much higher expectations of the P series camera quality. In 2019, Huawei’s triple camera design has been copied by other manufacturers.

Not surprisingly, the HUAWEI P30 Lite’s dual camera and wide-angle lens is indispensable. For the main and second lens, it is unknown whether they will adopt portrait or colour mode, the well-received 48MP lens or other functionalities.

However, it is certain that the camera optimization and progress of the Huawei P30 Lite won’t let the consumer down.

If camera capability is a key performance indicator (KPI) of smartphones, performance must be the top priority. Accordingly, for a long time, the whole industry has remained focused on the CPU performance and benchmarking, and consumers continue to follow this. But actual user experience is ignored. But not Huawei.

As the light flagship product of the HUAWEI P series, HUAWEI P30 Lite will feature the Kirin 710 chipset and the largest 128GB of storage, along with the latest EMUI 9.0.1 operating system.

Overall, the specifications are fully capable to handle everyday applications and heavy games. Additionally, empowered by the GPU Turbo and other AI technologies, the HUAWEI P30 Lite can definitely offer users an excellent—and more intelligent—experience.

The HUAWEI P flagship series has a good reputation for user experience. Carrying on with this philosophy, Huawei again delivers to its target users of the P series with the light flagship P30 Lite. And, a good product will earn the loyalty of users, who are concerned about the phone’s capabilities. Powered by quality hardware specifications and superb software optimization, the P30 Lite is definitely the masterpiece Huawei planned for young and fashionable elites.

Get ready to experience a phone that take its performance to a higher level.

Coming soon. #StayTuned