‘I Just Wanted To Be Different’, Sculptor Who Moulded Corps Member Explains

Channels Television  
Updated January 4, 2020


The compulsory one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), is a dreaded time for some but a few others, make a conscious effort to impact their immediate communities.

Arigbede Ojo is one of those. Posted to Edo State, he spent a good portion of his time, producing a masterpiece which is sure to keep him in the memories of his peers as well as superiors.

Resplendent in her NYSC kit, the masterpiece – a statue, stands at the corps’ zonal office on Ikpopkan road, in the state capital, Benin City, to the admiration of many.

“I promised myself that before I leave this one year of service, I will make sure I do something,” Ojo told Channels Television while explaining the reason behind his creation.

“I just wanted to be different from the others,” he added.

Best Sculpting Academy In The World

While many continue to appreciate his works, Ojo explained that the road has not been easy, despite his evident passion for the arts.

Funding and all the necessary support according to him, have been a challenge not just for him, but for other upcoming artists.

He says, however, that he has always managed through and one day he hopes to own one of the best sculpting academies in the world.

Ojo went on to thrill Channels Television’s correspondent with a live sculpting of popular businessman and billionaire, Femi Otedola.

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