UK Boy Band Accused Of Sampling Onyeka Onwenu’s Music Without Compensation

Channels Television  
Updated June 14, 2020


A UK boy band, We Are Cassia has been accused of sampling a song by Nigerian veteran singer, Onyeka Onwenu.

According to a Twitter user, Mayowa Balogun, the song titled ‘Small Spaces’ was used in the movie ‘The Wrong Missy’ and is “heavily sampled from Onyeka Onwenu’s Iyogogo”.

“It doesn’t seem like any credit was given to her or that she’s even aware that this exists,” he added, calling for the situation to be fixed as soon as possible.


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According to him, the band apparently did not get an approval from Onwenu as they had failed to give songwriting credit and any other form of compensation.

Balogun also claimed that the band had said they had only heard about the Singer a few days prior.

“If they cleared it (which they didn’t because they said they just heard about her yesterday), then they’d have agreed to give her songwriting credit and a cut of the publishing split, which would mean that she would have to approve the song’s use and she’d get a cut of the royalties”.

Onwenu is, however, yet to respond to the matter.