Country Music Legend Charlie Daniels Is Dead

Channels Television  
Updated July 6, 2020
File: The late Charlie Daniels in an album cover.


Country music legend, Charlie Daniels, has died on Monday at the age of 83. 

His death which was confirmed by his publicist, Don Murry Grubbs, followed a battle with hemorrhagic stroke.

Charlie Daniels is survived by a wife, Hazel, and son Charlie Daniels, Jr.

The Charlie Daniels Band topped the charts with “Devil” in 1979 with the musician playing on three of Bob Dylan’s albums and also recordings for Ringo Starr,  Leonard Cohen, Tammy Wynette among others.

He later moved from countercultural stance to become a champion for patriotism and the military.

With his “Night Hawk” 2016 album, Daniels honored a branch in the country’s family tree which is not given attention.

“I didn’t want to get involved with the cowboy as portrayed in the movies. I wanted to get involved in the working cowboy’s life,” he told the USA Today at that time. “To me, that was kind of our Knights of the Round Table era.”

Some of his hit songs include “Run With the Crowd,” “Carolina (I Remember You),” “Damn Good Cowboy,” “Uneasy Rider,” “The Legend of Wooley Swamp,” and “The South’s Gonna Do It Again.”