Jobberman Introduces Skills Assessments Add-on For Employers To Test For The Best

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Updated July 20, 2020


Leading talent recruitment agency, Jobberman has introduced competency-based tests add-on to its platform to enable employers test job applicants for core skills and competencies in line with job needs during the recruitment process.

The solution tagged ‘Jobberman Skills Assessments’ is borne out of a desire to reduce recruitment errors and to tackle problems associated with performance after a job applicant has been hired following the show of a great resume.

According to research by Jobberman, 36% of all hires end up being wrong hires and HR managers have revealed over time that they are faced with the“Lion on CV, cat on the Job” scenario.
Jobberman, with this new solution, wants employers to gauge the abilities and skills of job applicants. The tests are curated by experts for numerous job functions and are designed to assess whether individuals have the skills necessary to perform various and essential aspects of a job beyond what is present on their CV.

Jobberman CEO, Hilda Kragha said in a statement, “Hiring the wrong candidate can be a frustrating experience for an employer and we will continue to seek ways to make recruitment productive and excellent. With the Jobberman Skills Assessment, we want employers to be satisfied with the recruitment process and ensure candidates can perform greatly on the job and do what they said they can do on their resume.”

Employers who use the skills assessments product will also be able to test job applicants’ skills based on their experience level required for the job listing.

In addition to this, employers will get access to over 2 million candidates in the Jobberman candidate database, of which over 20,000 have been trained in relevant soft skills needed in the workplace.
Get the right fit for that vacancy, request for a demo to explore the Jobberman Skills Assessments product today.


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