We Are Ready To Conduct Census In 2021, Says National Population Commission

Channels Television  
Updated December 21, 2020


NPC Boss, Nasir Kwarra, speaks during a press conference in Abuja on December 21, 2020.


The National Population Commission has announced its readiness to conduct a nationwide census from June 2021 to early 2022.

NPC Chairman, Nasir Kwarra, disclosed this on Monday in Abuja at the official presentation of the demographic dividend scorecard in the nation’s capital.

While acknowledging that the census has been delayed by five years, the commission said it has been in talks with the Federal Government on the issue.

“On our part we are ready. We can start conducting census from June 2021 to early 2022”, the NPC boss said.

“The issue of a census is at the front burner. We know that on our part we have already been delayed for about 5 years, but we are doing our best to speak with the government so that they can make a proclamation.

The last population census was conducted across the country in 2016.