Adesina Urges Nigerians To Pray, Says Victory Is From God Alone

Channels Television  
Updated January 16, 2021
Femi Adesina (file photo)


Mr Femi Adesina, the Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, has urged Nigerians to always pray for the country, saying that victory over the myriad of problems, can only come from God.

He said this in a Facebook post on Thursday, while referencing a video in which some soldiers of the Nigerian Army were dancing and singing, apparently in commemoration of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, celebrated every January 15 in Nigeria.

The President’s aide described the video as one that inspires hope that “the country yet has a throng of young people, focused, patriotic, ready to lay down their lives for the peace and progress of their fatherland”.

He said despite the travails that the young soldiers witness on the battlefields daily, they remain resilient and put their trust in God as chanted in their songs.

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Adesina, therefore, urged Nigerians to rather than grumble and complain or criticise the government, they should channel their energies into prayer.

“I have watched the video scores of times. And it never fails to make my eyes misty each time. Four young men, with their strength as their glory, confronted by danger and death everyday, yet glorying in their tribulations, rejoicing in hope that the many battles confronting Nigeria would be won and that this country shall yet know all-round peace again, in a very turbulent world,” the post read in part.

“Listen to the words of that soldier that went sole: ‘Yes, victory is from God alone.’ But do some people know? Does it ever enter into their consciousness? They only wail: ‘this insurgency war has lasted too long. The banditry has demystified our military. They are cowards. The top guns don’t even want the battle to end. They are making money in billions.’ Okay.

“Making money in billions, and wasting our soldiers, our youths, our future and hope, in their hundreds and thousands. Because of blood money.

“That is all some people see. Permanent cynics and skeptics, who know nothing of altruism, and whose God is their belly. They think only of pecuniary gain. Nothing else. Issorait.

“But victory is from God alone. That is what we must realize as Nigerians. Do we ever pray for our troops in the frontlines? Do we remember those youths, our pride and strength, faced by death daily, as we sleep in the comfort of our homes, ensconced in the tender bosom of our wives (and em em, girlfriends). As we pray; God give me money. Give me car. Give me promotion. Kill my enemies. Do it now. NOW!

“You can’t say evil about your country, and think that good will come to her,” he said.

“You can’t say the country would implode, explode, scatter to smithereens, and then hope for unity and amity. It doesn’t happen. Not by a sudden flight. Death and life are in our tongues, “and we shall eat the fruit thereof.’

“The things that we talk of repeatedly have a way of happening to us. It is an inexorable divine law. We can’t sow plantain, and expect to reap apples. We can’t sow the wind, and not reap the whirlwind.

“As we mark Armed Forces Remembrance Day, oh, that we will say good of our military. Pray for them daily. Encourage them. Boost their morale, and not run them down, thus dispiriting them.

“In the words of those singing soldiers, “We are always gathered, rugged every season, we are moving forward to end this fight.”

“And so shall it be. Soon and very soon, the many fights all over the country shall end,”.