Pfizer Jab 97% Effective Against Symptomatic COVID-19 Research

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Updated March 11, 2021
In this file photo taken on November 23, 2020 is pictured a bottle reading “Vaccine Covid-19” next to US pharmaceutical company Pfizer and German biotechnology company BioNTech logos on November 23, 2020.
Pharma companies Pfizer and BioNTech on December 1, 2020 filed for European approval for their coronavirus vaccine, following in the footsteps of competitor Moderna, while the OECD predicted the world economy would bounce back to pre-pandemic levels by late 2021.



Pfizer-Biontech’s coronavirus vaccine offers more protection than earlier thought with effectiveness in preventing symptomatic disease reaching 97 percent, according to real-world evidence published Thursday by pharma companies.

Using data from January 17 to March 6 from Israel’s national vaccination campaign, Pfizer-Biontech found that prevention against asymptomatic disease also reached 94 percent.

An earlier real-world study had shown effectiveness at preventing symptomatic disease at 94 percent and asymptomatic illness at 92 percent.