#PantamiResignNow: Nigerians Continue To Ask For Minister’s Resignation Over Extremist Views

Channels Television  
Updated April 18, 2021
(FILE) The Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Isa Pantami


The calls for the resignation of Dr. Isa Ali Pantami have continued to rise, days after publications brought to the fore the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy’s past extreme religious views. 

On Sunday, many Nigerians took to social media, calling for the minister’s resignation, a drive that gained momentum on Saturday when Mr. Pantami for the first time acknowledged his past views but noted that he has since renounced those radical assertions.

According to Pantami, the past radical ideas he was championing were due to age, immaturity, and limited knowledge. This excuse however has not calmed the Twitter storm which is threatening to sweep him from office.

Below are some reactions called from Twitter where Nigerians are calling for the minister’s resignation.


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