Paddington 2 Becomes The Best Reviewed Movie Of All Time

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Updated April 29, 2021
The Paddington films are based on the children’s books by Michael Bond. Photograph: PR Company Handout



Did we hear someone say marmalade? Because Paddington will need some to celebrate this win.

Paddington 2 just became the best-reviewed movie on the authority of Rotten Tomatoes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Citizen Kane, Orson Welles’s classic 1941 film widely considered to be the greatest movie ever made according to reviews on the website, has been knocked off its perch atop the Rotten Tomatoes throne by the friendly, animated bear with a penchant for wearing blue coats, red bucket hats, eating marmalade and getting into trouble.

Due to the discovery of an 80-year-old negative review of Citizen Kane from the Chicago Tribune, Kane has been bumped all the way down from 100% to 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. According to THR, there are other films that have a 100% rating, “but Paddington 2 has considerably more reviews.”

“It’s extremely lovely to be on any list, which includes Citizen Kane, but it is obviously quite an eccentric list that goes from Citizen Kane to Paddington 2, so I’ll try not to take it too seriously,” director Paul King told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I won’t let it go too much to my head and immediately build my Xanadu. But I have been cooking up a model just in case.”

When asked how Paddington Bear himself would react to this revelation, King said: “I imagine he’d just crack open the marmalade and have a second sandwich – you’d like to think he wouldn’t get too carried away.

“But maybe he would! I’m not sure he’s known such an honour in his young life.”

Twitter has taken the news and run with it, prompting memes and jokes in praise of the newly crowned “best movie of all time.”

Paddington 2 starred Hugh Grant, Sally Hawkins, Brendan Gleeson, and Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington.