Progress Is Not Made By Looking Back, Osinbajo Encourages Youths To Keep Moving

Emperor Simon  
Updated November 1, 2021


Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo has urged Nigerian youths to “seek the path of self-actualisation” and keep moving.

He gave the charge on Monday during the National Youth Conference marking the 2021 African Youth Day in Abuja.

“This is why you must reject the temptation to inherit the biases and prejudices of your parents (many who have gone before us) of seeing the country through jaundice eyes (of some in generations that have gone before you),” he told the young Nigerians at the event.

“Progress is not made by looking back but looking ahead. Your generation has been gifted with so many tools and opportunities.

“You are at the most developed time in the history of the world; you are at the most developed time of technology in the world. Everything that you have today was much better than in previous years. With this, you can shape not just your destiny but the destiny of your nation.”

The Vice President said the youths must build the future they desire by focusing on what is right.

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According to him, building a nation is an inter-generational endeavour that requires the input of all, hence the need for youths to be innovative.

The Vice President said the youths must build the future they desire by focusing on what is right.


On the agitation for leadership, he said Nigerian youths should explore the right channels in communicating their grievances rather than resort to destruction and violence.

Osinbajo, who admitted that it was normal for people to feel disenchanted towards their leaders, however, stated that such disenchantment must be expressed and resolved peacefully.

He assured them that the government would continue to provide a favourable environment for the youths to thrive in their chosen endeavours.

The signing of the Not-Too-Young-To-Run Bill into law, according to him, is an indication of the government’s willingness to carry the youth along in governance.

“Refuse to succumb to hopelessness and easy cynicism,” the Vice President said. “By all means, you must learn the lessons of history and be diligent students of memory.

“On the part of the government, we will continue to support your efforts by creating an environment that enables the fulfilment of your dreams. It may be difficult but we will get there.

“In conclusion, I want to ask you to boldly and with commitment continue to ensure that the Nigerian youths and the great Nigerian dream remain at the heart of everything you do. Keep moving, don’t look back. You will win eventually. Whatever the situation, we move.”