Pan-African Autotech Platform Makes Key Acquisition, Unveils Subscription Plans

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Updated November 27, 2021
This photo shows vehicle repair tools. Source: Fixit45
This photo shows vehicle repair tools.


Autotech platform Fixit45 has announced the acquisition of Parkit, a network of tech-enabled autocare and car wash centres. 

“Parkit was committed to building out and digitizing the fragmented vertical in the autocare and car wash space,” CEO and Co-Founder, Fixit45, Justus Obaoye, said in a press release.

“They provided business support, training, and consumables to businesses and ensured that the experience was rewarding for fleet and car owners.

“We found synergies in what they were doing at the time and we approached them to join us in this journey to fix and build the aftermarket ecosystem which has culminated in the acquisition. Parkit has been fully integrated in the Fixit45 family and we look forward to providing market leadership.”

According to Gerald Okonkwo, VP, Business Development, Fixit45 and Founder, Parkit, “our business was founded in June 2018 to use technology in making the customer journey for car washes very seamless by automating payments, helping them acquire the right tools for the job and providing professional care services that were not available in-country. This journey has been a collaborative experience and we are blessed to have found the right team at Fixit45 with bold ambitions to create value for consumers in this space. The acquisition was finalized in September 2021 and we are looking to many more wins. When we started, we had to import most of our consumables and materials, but today, we are to provide quality car shampoo, upholstery, tire and engine wash, polish, and air fresheners. This is just one of many success stories that this acquisition has berthed.”

Also, the company has announced its Fixit45 Vehicle Intact Programme (VIP), a subscription program that ensures “the lifetime value of a vehicle or fleet is enhanced and productivity optimized.”

“The Fixit45 Vehicle Intact Programme (VIP) has been designed as the name suggests to delivering quality and affordable repair and maintenance services via subscription-based plans with a view to ensuring that the lifetime value of a vehicle or fleet is enhanced and productivity optimized. The rich bouquet of plans come in 4 packages that include the Service Plan, Maintenance Plan, Extended Services Plan and the Emergency Services Plan,” the company said in a press release.

“We have built a robust end-to-end ecosystem platform that caters for all players in the aftermarket segment. The industry has largely been based on brick-and-mortar operations and it is our intention to disrupt and digitize this space using technology,” said Abdulazeez Ogunjobi, Cofounder & CTO.  

“It is gratifying to see the uptake and adoption of Fixit45’s service platform by corporates in the FMCG, Mobility and Tech industry. The glowing commendations we have received will further spur us to do more in the aftermarket space. Our value propositions of affordability, peace of mind, quick turnaround time, convenience, quality assurance and accessibility will never go out of fashion. We will double down on these and ensure that the vehicle ownership experience is better improved,” said Bemigho Awala, Head of Marketing and Communications.