Soludo’s Inauguration: Tight Security As Guests Begin To Arrive

All is now set for the inauguration of Charles Soludo as the fifth civilian governor of Anambra State.

A file photo of the Anambra governor Charles Soludo. Photo: Facebook/Soludo TV
Anambra governor-elect, Charles Soludo. Photo: Facebook/Soludo TV

All is now set for the inauguration of Charles Soludo as the fifth civilian governor of Anambra State.

The former Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor, will take over from Willie Obiano, following his landslide victory at the poll conducted last year.

Although the governor-elect said the event will be low-key, as of early Thursday, the venue of the inauguration was a hive of activities as guests, including the outgoing governor and his wife, began to arrive.

The atmosphere looked bright as the red carpet covered much of the inauguration ground.


While the atmosphere is calm, there is also a strong security presence within and around the Government House. Guests are also checked at the entrance of the premises.

Earlier, a circular notifying the public about the programme of event, showed that sixty-three guests were invited to the inauguration.

Before now, Soludo had said he will begin work just eight hours after the swearing-in.


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On Wednesday, the outgoing governor had handed over documents containing the state’s assets and liabilities and ongoing projects to the former CBN governor.


Multiple reports suggested that the incoming governor would make his first key appointments after the oath-taking ceremony.

In his farewell speech, Governor Obiano had thanked the people of Anambra for the opportunity to serve, pleading for forgiveness from those he might have offended during his stint as the leader of the southeast state.


“Brothers and sisters, as your governor, I worked under extreme pressure. I took many hard decisions. I stepped on toes. I didn’t answer some phone calls. I lost some friends on account of these,” Obiano said.

He admitted that while he may not have fulfilled all his promises, his intentions were pure from the onset, believing that history will be kind to him.


Obiano, who reeled out some of his achievements, said his government built “a revolutionary security architecture”.


“As a result of this, all the communities got projects worth N40 million each from my administration,” he said.