PSG Star Navas Welcome Ukrainian Refugees Into Home And More Offbeat News

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Updated April 1, 2022
PSG star Keylor Navas and wife Andrea welcome 30 Ukrainian refugees into Paris mansion.



From an outrageous claim being poo-pooed to Indonesia’s one-legged football stars… Your weekly roundup of offbeat stories from around the world.

Litter-ally nuts

A conservative US politician who thought he had uncovered a case of wokeism gone mad has been roundly ridiculed after claiming schools were leaving out litter trays for children who identify as cats.

Nebraska Republican Bruce Bostelman went viral after he claimed that special toilet arrangements were being made for children called “furries” who choose to live and dress as cats and dogs.

“They meow and bark… with their teachers. And now schools are wanting to put litter boxes for these children to use.”

He even claimed one “furry” did his business on the floor when a school failed to provide cat litter.

“How is this sanitary?” he asked.

Bostelman seems to have confused the “furry” subculture of people who dress as animal characters with a heated debate over what toilets transgender people should be allowed to use.

He has since apologised after “furries” dug their claws into him on social media.

Footballers, eh?

Paris Saint-Germain has been called a team of petulant, over-paid prima donnas, but goalkeeper Keylor Navas is giving that the lie. The Costa Rican goalkeeper and wife Andrea is reportedly hosting around 30 Ukrainian refugees in his Paris mansion.

Proudly one-footed

Even more inspiring is the story of a team of one-legged footballers in Indonesia’s second city Surabaya, some of whom are pretty mean dribblers.

“Despite their limitations they have an incredible spirit” and manage to move almost effortless across the pitch, said coach Muhammad Komar. “I am so proud.”

Lunar Koons

American pop artist Jeff Koons, who once plastered Manhattan with billboards of himself in steamy clinches with his then wife, Italian porn star Cicciolina, has sent his sculptures to the Moon.

Several were blasted off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. With Koons so far refusing to reveal what they are, its hard to know what passing aliens might make of them.

Let hope they go down better than his “gift” to Paris, a huge bouquet of steel tulips. French art world figures campaigned to have them sent back.

Making an entrance

To Japan where flamboyant baseball manager Tsuyoshi Shinjo — who calls himself “Big Boss” — is finding that showmanship is not enough.

Shinjo stunned fans Tuesday by making a dramatic entrance to the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters’ first home game on a hover-bike.

But Shinjo’s charisma, dyed hair and Hollywood teeth has not made up for his lack of coaching experience.

His team have lost all four of their games so far under the 50-year-old former star player.

And fans are getting restive. “Enough performances — get results,” one tweeted after their latest 4-0 defeat.

Boys’ toys

A Vietnamese carpenter says he made a life-sized tank as a gift for his three-year-old son, and we believe him.

Every weekend the pair trundle around their neighbourhood in Bac Ninh province in the wooden tank, built from a 16-seat minibus, with the boy riding in the turret.

At least it gets more use than Mexican leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s presidential jet. He is now renting out the $218 million Boeing 787 Dreamliner — complete with bath and bedroom — for parties and weddings after failing to find a buyer.

AMLO, as the populist is colloquially known, has made it his mission to offload the aircraft used by his predecessor, saying its luxury is an “insult” to the Mexican people.